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The European Society for Vascular Surgery
Helsinki, Finland, 16/09/2005

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Il Programma
09:00 - 12:00 Hall Grenoble VASCUNET Working Group (Open to everyone) At the Vascunet Collaborators meeting in Dublin last year, it was decided to organise a symposium on the Validity of National Vascular Registries during the ESVS 2004 meeting in Innsbruck. In the meantime, the Council of the ESVS decided to accept Vascunet as a sub-committee of the ESVS. An invitation to participate in this symposium was emailed to the national vascular registries in November 2003. The following topics will be discussed: 1. What kind of validation procedures have been performed in the different registries? What are the experiences of different techniques? 2. Is validity affected by factors such as case-mix, presentation or type of procedure e.g. elective/emergent? Open/endovascular? What about fatalities? Are patients who die lost to follow-up? What about complications? What validation procedures have been performed to test if complication frequencies are valid? 3. How can risk stratification models - evaluations of case-mix be validated? Eleven contributions from seven countries have been submitted and participants are invited to email further contributions to


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